Times Square. 1560 Broadway, between 46th and 47th Street. Tel 212-869-5667 (8:00 to 20:00). Almost thirty million visitors a year pass through this area of Manhattan, and most do at night, when it shows all its splendor. Huge televisions and hundreds of neon signs advertise all types of products and shows the yellow taxis are passing at full speed. So called because the New York Times offices were located here in 1904. There was a time when prostitution, drugs and crime were synonymous with Times Square, now has become the city's cultural center, filled with theaters, auditoriums, hotels and luxury restaurants. It's where everyone goes to celebrate the end of the year from more than 10 decades. The mayor and a celebrity push a button and a glass geodesic ball 12 meters in diameter illuminated by 32,256 LEDs starts to decline during the last minute of the year. Times Square is one of the main parts of the city of New York. This place owes its name to The New York Times. The newspaper organized the first New Year's party at that location, a celebration that has subsequently become one of the more media pictures of the new year around the world. I walked in this enclave, which is estimated to spend around 25 million people a year, makes it have proliferated in all kinds of advertising claims, which today are the hallmark of this point the city. At times we heard call New York "The city that never sleeps", but surely those who would sleep all night without fans we would skyscrapers, gawking with the lighting of buildings and their shadows in contrast with the dark the sky.