Showcase Versace store on Fifth Avenue. Are synonymous with luxury shops of Fifth Avenue and especially in this stretch from 48th Street to 59th Street at Central Park. In 1917, Cartier bought the mansion of banker Morton Plant in exchange for a pearl necklace, starting a trend to be followed by all other business enterprises such as Tiffany, Versace, Louis Vuitton and Armani, among many others. The resort is the chosen one of the most prestigious hotels like the Plaza or the Waldorf-Astoria. In addition, some prestigious companies are also based here such as IBM, General Electric, Apple. In 1862 Caroline Schermerhorn Astor built his mansion at the junction of 34th Street. Then build the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, the place where today stands the Empire State Building, beginning the business trend of the street. Today is one of the main streets of Manhattan, full of luxury apartments and historic mansions, analogous always opulence and exclusivity. The fashion and accessories stores most fashionable in the world are almost forced to have a showcase in this section of street between 48th and 59St. Tiffany, Versace, Cartier, Prada, Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton and even the Spanish Zara, have a shop in these domains. The price per square meter is the second largest in the world, after London's Sloane Street. The designer Donatella Versace is in a rehabilitation clinic to overcome an alleged addiction to cocaine, as reported by The New York Post. " According to the tabloid, the sister of the late Gianni Versace has been battling drug for years but only now has come to light. The newspaper, citing anonymous sources Versace, noted that "the family sees this as a private matter and we expect the press to respect them as such." Donatella, 49, is admitted to a downtown New York but, according to sources yesterday said the Italian company ABC, "it is to get rid of any addiction, but to submit to a rest cure." Federica quai Barabino & Partners, the company that handles the communication of the house Versace in Milan, said that the designer is 'very stressed', for reasons related to their work, "so he decided to stay confined in this clinically did not supply the name-for a month, "he added. "Yes it is a private matter, but not suffering from any addiction," he insisted.