Sunset views of the Hudson River from Battery Park. A seagull just fish and the sun shines while hiding in one of the skyscrapers of Jersey. The Hudson River is a river of 506 km in length, which runs mainly by the State of New York, United States, partly forming the border between the states of New York and New Jersey. The river's name comes from Henry Hudson, an Englishman who sailed on behalf of France and the Netherlands, who explored the river in 1609. However, the first European to explore was the Italian Giovanni da Verrazano in 1524 whose expedition was funded by the Florentine merchants of Lyon and Francis I of France. The first detailed map of it was drawn soon after the Portuguese explorer Estevan Gomez who sailed on behalf of Spain, naming it San Antonio River. The official birth of the Hudson is Lake Tear of the Clouds (literally tear the clouds), in the Adirondacks Mountains. However, the river is derived from the lake is well known under the names of Feldspar Brook and then Opalescent River, rivers join the Hudson at the level of the city of Tahawus. The river is really true birth just a few miles north of Tahawus, at the height of Lake Henderson. The confluence of the Hudson River and Mowhawk, its main tributary, is located in Troy (north of Albany, the state capital of New York), in the south of Federal Dam (Dam federal literally) that makes confluence Upper Hudson River Valley and the Lower Hudson River Valley. From Troy, the Hudson is widened gradually, until it empties into the Atlantic Ocean between Manhattan, Staten Island and the coast of New Jersey in Upper New York Bay.