Countless yellow cabs each night travel Theater District area. The taxi (yellow cab) is, for sure, the means of transport most commonly used in the city of New York. By taxi you can travel from one end to another of the city in any of the five districts. In New York call a cab is no different as you would in any other city. Raising his hand is enough, but we should look at the poster that are on the ceiling. If it is on the taxi is free, if it is off the taxi is busy. If we see the words off duty will mean that the taxi is off duty. The starting price is $ 2.50, then, about $ 1 for each kilometer traveled. If you decide to get off the taxi and you have to wait, you will be charged 20 cents per minute. Then we should leave at least a 15% tip. The taxis are now required to have the passenger in an autonomous GPS is indicating in real time the exact spot where he started the race and the way that you are traveling. You can see perfectly if the driver is giving you a volt or takes you through a logical path. It's addictive to see how the map shows every curve you take. In addition, a credit card reader, above the gps, you can pay with your card race at the end of the journey. The system includes a TV channel for local news, cinema and so on. You can adjust the volume or leave it without speaking. At the end of the race the screen tells you how was the trip and how much the extras. It gives you the option to pay by card or cash. So the level of confidence in the driver's total. A taxi ride from being the agony of "but where is taking me?" to become an interesting journey of discovery. The more information you give the user what you are doing with him is more satisfying experience.