A man dressed as Superman tries to be photographed with tourists in Chelsea to make a little money. This is a neighborhood in transition between the stressful streets of downtown Manhattan and quiet of Greenwich. In 1750 Captain Thomas Clark bought the land comprising what is now occupying the 14 to the 25th Street and 8th Avenue to the Hudson River by putting the name of Chelsea. A mid-nineteenth century and after the installation of a rail line along 11th Avenue, the working population was settled in this area of Manhattan. During this time was the pre-Broadway theater center. A copy of the first Superman, the first comic book superhero of the story that was published in 1938, again set a new record price when sold for 1.5 million dollars in an auction via the Internet. The first issue of "Action Comics", which marked the debut of Superman to the readers, was released more than seventy years ago with a price of ten cents, a figure that remained derisory today to the amount paid a millionaire lover comics through the website ComicConnect.com, based in New York. "It will be very difficult to beat that record again," said co-owner today distributor Metropolis Collectibles classic comics and the website where the auction was conducted, Vincent Zurzolo, in a statement in which he highlighted the unique value of copy sold Monday.