Near the PS1 and Graffiti lovers, there are ships that can be painted from the underground line 7 to show the full fury of this art. PS1 (MOMA). 22-25 Jackson Avenue and 46th Street. Queens. <M> 23rd St-Ely Ave E-V. Phone 718-784-2084. (Thu-Mon 12pm-6pm / Adults $ 5US / $ 2US students and seniors / free with the entrance of MOMA). PS1 energy and resources devoted to experimental art show in the world. A catalyst and promoter of new ideas, speeches and trends in contemporary art. PS1 serves emerging artists, new genres, new jobs and renowned artists in an effort to support innovation in contemporary art. PS1 was founded in 1971 by Alanna Heiss as The Institute for Art and Urban Resources Inc., an institution devoted to the organization of exhibitions in underutilized and neglected spaces in New York. In 1976, PS1 opened its first major exhibition in its permanent home in Long Island City, Queens, with the exhibition rooms weekly. In 2000 he signed a collaboration agreement with the MOMA to extend the reach of both institutions. For 10 years, along with PS1 MoMA (a gallery located in an old school in Queens, New York) have carried out a competition to design a structure that is assembled in the courtyard of PS1 in the summer, where they perform various events and parties. Under the "Young Architects Program" aims to empower young offices of the Big Apple, inviting each year to 5 firms in this contest.