A newly married Asian couple celebrating their honeymoon in the area of Times Square. In the center of this spectacular combination of lights, movement, life and color, opened this year, a large space for tourists to rest or look around the impressive display of art developed to advertise that together, they give Times Square Center the label of the Big Apple and the World, the city that never sleeps, the Babel of Iron or the world capital of art and entertainment. On Broadway you can see the giant animated logos of large companies, employing up posters dozens of floors of buildings, huge TV screens, the decoration of the windows of several businesses, electronic information on the stock exchange and the latest in the world. Also, over a dozen streets, a lot of vendors posts leather briefcases, Hot dogs, soda, peanuts, and cartoonists, artists, musicians, etc.. It is interesting to see horse-drawn carriages for tourists strolling, circulating in the midst of flaming cars and limousines. Times Square is a part of Manhattan designed with the latest lighting technology the past few days enormous animated ads which give the Big Apple an impressive atmosphere not seen in other countries, in terms of recreation is concerned. Huge buildings are covered in their first plants by huge ads as Toyota, Toys for Us, Quick Silver, Airlines, McDonald's, recognized and popular clothing companies, banks, and other very familiar to many .. The noise becomes common, acceptable and familiar, and is a mixture of expressions of the people, reefing, amazement, ambulances, walking horses that pull carriages, police cars, street musicians, .. The multi-ethnic people in and out of stores using their language of origin, to continue his unforgettable walk through the heavenly streets of Times Square, while the Asian cartoonists earn 5 to $ 10 every 5 or 10 minutes. His ability for this business agglomeration many people around waiting to see finished his work of art and smile for the grace of its remarkable facial features distorted. A smell that changes while walking, caused by the seller of "Hot dogs, pretzels, pikes, peanuts and coconut caramel, chocolate, which do not rest a moment, smilingly serve their clients waiting their turn watching her admired around.