A fashion photographer uses the windows of the New York Library overlooking Bryant Park to photograph a model. 5th Ave and 42nd Tel 212-930-0830. In the back of the park is the public library, which is the largest in the world and the largest U.S. In the reading room there are still original brass lamps. For starters, a snapshot of the times: New York, twenties. The euphoria reigns in this scene, the machines and skyscrapers represent the dream of a better future. Women, supported the suffrage movement, are not satisfied with being muses and models. European artists discovered the "big apple" and at the same time, gallery owners and American intellectuals are fascinated by the avant-garde. Birth of a transatlantic love story that could be followed in the pages of Vogue from the hand of Edward Jean Steichen. In his pictures, picked up the spirit of constructive art by geometric and completely modern compositions. Dora Philippine Kallmus, known as Madame d'Ora, is one of the first women to get behind the camera. His photographs appear to be an extension of another newborn half fascinates audiences: the movies. This artist takes inspiration from these earlier films and heroines creating images full of mystery and exoticism. After the Second World War, it's splendor. Through the lens, we see a new silhouette for women: is the revolution of the New Look of Christian Dior. It breaks with the austerity of the war, the economy is more buoyant than ever in America and the journals are open to a much wider audience: high fashion is replaced by the more affordable prêt-à-porter. Desencorsetada (literally!) Fashion and women, new sensibilities and views. Comes the golden age of fashion photography and take the stage names like Frank Horvat, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. Trained in painting, Penn created magnificent compositions, which often drew on classical art. In 1951, he takes a historical image, Woman in Palace with Lisa Fonssagrives as a model. In an exotic, exquisitely composed, which was his wife and muse, appears covered with a hijab and turban stares at the camera. Sitting on the ground, unmarked figure and an attitude away from the strictures of the time, the model conveys a natural elegance but also a strong character.