After a period of decline and a center of prostitution, crime and drugs, this part of town has become an area of security, entertainment, commerce and restaurants, thanks to the commitment and effort by the mayor and the draft Times Square Business Improvement District. All Times Square area is illuminated day and night by big neon signs and huge television screens. Two million people gathered in Times Square to welcome 2000 with a fall in Waterford Crystal's Millennial Ball, a huge crystal ball made specifically for this event. In the TKTS booths, located in the heart of Times Square, you can buy theater tickets at half price for the same day of the performance. Ashley Alexandra Dupré moved to New York with 17 years to find a living as a soul singer in alternate premises. With 22 is responsible for the downfall of Eliot Spitzer. His name has been the detonator of the largest U.S. sex scandal from the famous stain that overshadowed the career of Democrat Bill Clinton for similar reasons. Ashley Alexandra Dupré moved to New York with 17 years to find a living as a singer of soul music in alternate premises. So do not imagine that five years later, lead to the resignation of governor of the city himself, Eliot Spitzer, involved in a prostitution ring of luxury. It was the night before Valentine's Day when Ashley Alexandra Dupré, better known as Kristen, Eliot Spitzer was the governor at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, according to today told the American newspaper The New York Times. The consequences of this event have been mild for her, which has been called to testify against four involved in a prostitution ring called Emperor's Club VIP. " By contrast, the slip cost him the resignation of Spitzer. In the case report that links the luxury prostitution ring together with the governor of New York, asley Alexandra Dupré is described as "a petite, very pretty brunette." She was paid about $ 1,000 per hour, as reported by The New York Times, a price that stood in the middle of the scale of seven diamonds in the prostitutes came to collect up to $ 4,300 an hour for services.