Building Receptionist Dakota. 1 West 72nd Street. This is a block of apartments built in 1884 by the same architectural firm that designed the Plaza Hotel, that is, Henry Janeway Hardenbergh. Here John Lennon lived and was assassinated at the entrance of the building in 1980, besides his wife Yoko Ono is still inhabitant of the farm. The building has also seen some movies like "The Devil's Seed." Today is one of the most desirable enclaves in the city. We are facing a key film in the history of horror. Almost 40 years after its premiere, still get chills. It may be the interpretation of a vast Mia Farrow, or perhaps because it is set in the famous Dakota building in New York, but the truth is that the viewing of the film can make your hair stand on end. Myths aside, perhaps the best of the film are the constant psychological situations to which the protagonist undergoes. At no time did we see anything that is unpleasant, maybe some eventual shock, but the director chose to omit correctly all kinds of references to other similar films. The plot unfolds slowly, very slowly, which can cause despair to those who wait emotions whips, but the discovery by Rosemary the plot that is submitted by their neighbors and her own husband to beget a child of Satan on earth, so dazzling catches. With resources "Hitchcocknianos" whole network will go slowly unraveling, while the protagonist, so you never feel that director is ahead of us with what you show, something unfortunately too common today, especially with a surprise ending such abuse (by the way, the end of  "The seed of diabloÂ" is perfect). Polanski shows that it is the best director of his generation, as capable of showing other horrors of the quality of "Repulsion" tragedies of war as "The Pianist" and also adaptations of classics such as the upcoming "Oliver Twist." Mia Farrow is also brilliant in the role of suffering wife pregnant and moved all the fear and suffering to the viewer in a way rarely seen in a film of this nature.