The complex was renovated in 2007 and is nestled in lush tropical gardens. It offers an international standard of services and facilities with the warm hospitality of Bali. Find a total of 65 rooms, a lobby, 24 hour reception with check-out service, hotel safe, currency exchange, café, bar, restaurant, room service and laundry, bicycle storage and parking. Guests can relax and cool off in the outdoor pool at the hotel or take a snack at the snack bar. It also offers a couple sunbathing terrace and massage treatments (surcharge). On the beach, enjoy a relaxing stroll, swim in the ocean or to test their ability to surf. The restaurant serves a selection of Indonesian cuisine, European and Chinese. A breakfast buffet. Lunch and dinner menu are served at the restaurant. One of the best kept secrets by the emergency services of the United States of America is that they can not extinguish a fire of 20 thousand square feet of skyscrapers. With hose 2 1 / 2 "with a tip nozzles 1 1 / 4" diameter can be expected only discharge 300 gallons of water driven by a small team of two men. The standard of work in these interior structural fire conditions and therefore can aspire to control areas of 2,500 square feet maximum. This operation requires taking defensive maneuvers from the interior stairs, do not forget that the cars never stop accede to a 86th floor. This operation is extremely complicated and it takes about fifty firefighters in the first minutes to ensure escape routes inland. Again you must ensure methods of active and passive protection to play an important role. Water systems, sprinklers, detectors and manual fire extinguishers are required. But what happened on September 11 changed all strategic paradigms. The second major problem is that the structural steel frame high-rise buildings block communications. The evidence had been produced earlier in the same World Trade Center revealed that only can be transmitted with fire department radios to the ground 65. Fortunately this was discovered and ordered special antennas placed on every floor so that the radios can ensure smooth communication with the Incident Command Rank. The first attack on the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993 made it clear that not only did not transmit radios but also there were no methods for communicating actions to the occupants. These systems were implemented gradually although no records have been able to continue operating after the impact of the hijacked planes.