Signs at the corner of Christopher Street and Seventh Avenue in Greenwich Village. New Yorkers call it "The west village", and indeed it seems just that, a village outside a big city. Here's skyscrapers have given way to the homes of no high plants. Also, here is where lies the University of New York and home to many students who have moved to all artists, writers and bohemians who lived here. In the most proper of some famous West Village have been installed in luxury apartments away from all the stress. In addition, another incentive for some, it has always been the gay area of fashion. One of the scenarios Friiends series. Most outdoor locations that appear in the series are located in a suburb of New York called Greenwich Village. New Yorkers familiar call this area "The Village" and it was at first that only a people, and even today you can see that source in the layout of its streets, alleys and small courtyards. It's a bohemian, artist and writer, so much the young visitors, due to the proximity of the New York University. Are encouraged at night with cafes that open into the wee hours of the morning and music clubs.