White statues in the square of Christopher Park in Greenwich Village. St. Christopher Sheridan Square subway stop of the same name Christopher St - Sheridan Sq <M> 1-2-3-9 leaves us in this square. Just outside the metro if you look at the corner of the seventh with Christopher, the shop of cigarettes "Village Cigars" stands out from the rest of the landscape by the large amount of advertising that will ball up around him. Just across the street came to Christopher Park, a triangular park with several of the same size white statues that people who walk through it. At the end of the square and hidden among the trees stands a bronze statue in honor of General Philip Sheridan who participated in the Civil War. In this square is also the man who was famous Stonewall Inn bar in 1969 was a spring for the gay rights movement and its struggles against discrimination to which they were subjected. Perhaps the oldest of these monuments is dedicated to the Gay Liberation, located in Christopher Park.