Crossing streets in Midtown West & Theater District on Broadway Street at the height of 50th Street. In one of the floors above the mall, is a jazz concert hall recently, Dizzy's Club Coca Cola, which is worth spending an evening. The room is lovely with a glass front overlooking Central Park and from there watch the city lights while enjoying good music. Very New York. From Columbus, we have to mention the famous Canergie Hall. One of the most important concert halls in the city. It is located on Seventh Avenue and 57th Street. Its exterior is interesting but inside, it's really worth seeing. Finally note that if we leave aside some tourist town Manhattan and get into something a little more authentic, we just have to move an avenue to the Hudson River. If instead of climbing the ninth Avenue, from 42 do it for the tenth, we realize that the local landscape has changed. Here, even less, we also find some restaurants, but above all, a neighborhood much more authentic. Only a block and it seems that here have not yet reached the tourists and the pace is different. Although we all are, we must recognize that we always carry in the sense of seeing or experiencing the spaces and places where they all come up. Cycling in New York city. Urban Cycling is the use of bicycles as urban transport, usually for short distances. Due to the proliferation of the automobile after World War II, which resulted in the gradual urban traffic congestion and the invasion of public space, the bicycle has become one of the main alternatives to improve the livability of the city. Some of the countries that use the urban cycling as important means of transport are India, China, Cuba and is common in many European countries. especially in Holland, [1] Denmark [2] and France. The bike is probably the mode of urban transport more common around the world, second only to transport on foot. It is unknown how many bicycles there are in the world, but it is clear that occur significtivamente (about twice) more bicycles than cars.