Central Park. Strawberry Fields. It is a memorial garden to the person of John Lennon who was murdered while driving home a few yards from here in the APARATAMENTO Dakota. In addition to the garden with more than 150 species of plants in the ground is a circular mosaic with the word Imagine donated by the city of Naples, in which fans and fans laying flowers almost daily. We minutes later with our walk with one goal: get to Strawberry Fields, a place preferred by John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono to walk in the park. After the murder of Lennon the city dedicated this site to her memory and called Strawberry Fields (Strawberry Fields). Yoko Ono is maintained through donations. In the center, black and white mosaic with the word IMAGINE, donated by the city of Naples is the place where the faithful pay tribute to the singer. In the gardens are 161 species of plants brought from all over the world. Direct access from 72nd Street and Central Park West. It is located just in front of the Dakota, his home and killed the component where the Beatles. Now a vigilant guard that no one is kept too long in the door of what is now apartments. Indeed, Yoko Ono still lives there. It would also be the melancholy of Strawberry Fields, the truth is that we went. There are many representative buildings of Manhattan. Ah! I forgot! Return to Central Park and its area of 5th Avenue. There lie the majority of museums in Manhattan besides those in the Central Park West. But that is another story. Before closing chapter, I want to talk about another building with a history of the island. I speak of the Flatiron Building in Spanish is the translation of "iron building", having seen this, as also from atop the Empire State Building. The "plate" can be seen if we draw close to Madison Square Park. This building has a very particular history. It opened in 1902 and was the highest of his time and the first set in Manhattan Otis brand elevators. But its owner had problems with the rental of apartments by the citizens as these feared that this would be dangerous. To rent had to opt for a single decision: give the first six months of rent. After that time were confident tenants and the landlord could then begin to collect the rent. Today the Flatiron Building has apartments for rent that few can afford and also are no longer free for the first six months.