Central Park. Street musicians. You can hear jazz in many corners of the park even if we like the music it is best to go to Lincoln Center Jazz. Relatively new, is inside the Time Warner building in Columbus Circus. The music is good, but if we add the stunning view of Manhattan to Central Park slipping through the large windows behind the stage, the evening will be unforgettable. Central Park is an immense rectangular park located in downtown Manhattan, goes to 59th Street along 110 (4 miles) and the Fifth Avenue and Central Park West in width (800 meters). Being the "lungs of New York and place of recreation for New Yorkers and visitors. In its 93 kilometers of roads is very easy to get lost, so we recommend be done with a map of the park. The weekend is when most activities are organized, but any day is good to know this oasis embedded in the midst of the financial capital of the world.