Central Park. Conservatory Water. In this artificial lake can be seen racing small sailboats remote control among the members of the Yacht Club, encouraging children to participate or rent a boat to sail and be part of the experience. Location: East side of the park between St 72 and St. 75 well-marked roads, roads where New Yorkers jogging practice, ie, where they run, always with his headphones on, to cling to their innate individuality and not miss the solitude of the Big Apple. Remote-controlled sailboats in one of the lakes, squirrels, carousels, freshly cut lawns. Central Park is a huge forest very well kept. Inside Central Park, at the middle bordering 5th Avenue, there is a huge low-rise building that houses all the offices that relate to employees who devote their lives to work in the Park. And to the extent that we know has the park is not for us out her hands to her head when we know that 2,000 people work in Central Park. We can also find a zoo, with skating rinks, basketball courts and park the only place where we can see statues represented the Mall there are literary figures as William Shakespeare, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns and musicians like Christopher Columbus, Victor Herbert and Ludwig van Beethoven. A fantastic ride where we stopped to rest, breathe, think and enjoy watching the passersby.