Cruise along the Victoria Falls aboard the " African Queen".  Other boats sailing in the Zambezi River. Sunset Cruise - This excursion is not for experiencing the falls, but instead is meant for wildlife viewing as well as for getting plastered at the open bar on board. In fact, this tour seemed to be immensely popular with the backpacker crowd probably because of copious amount of alcohol you could consume. It certainly seemed that for the tour we were on, a larger percentage of customers were more interested in the booze than the wildlife. I guess it became apparent why this tour's other nickname was the "booze cruise." Still, it's possible to enjoy the wildlife and the sunset in relative piece if you consciously avoid the backpackers looking to impress the opposite sex with their drunkeness. As for wildlife sightings, we were able to spot zebras, impalas, giraffes, and even a crocodile. We didn't see any hippos nor elephants though they're supposed to be common in this section of the Zambezi River.