Aerial views of the Victoria Falls. In our minds, there's no better way to get a true sense of the immense scale of Victoria Falls than from the air. When the falls are in high flow (as it was for us), this may be the best way to see the falls as the ground views would be inundated with mist. There are a couple of popular ways to achieve aerial views of the falls - helicopter and microlight/ultralight. Based on our experience, the helicopter ride lasted for about 15 minutes and made several circuits above the falls providing the photographer plenty of opportunities to take decent photos (unless you're the unlucky person in the middle back seat). If you have a DSLR, I highly recommend shooting in servo mode so you can take multiple shots in a short period of time. Unlike helicopter tours in Hawaii or other parts of the world, they don't necessarily seat you based on weight as Julie and I actually got the rear seats during our visit. Microlights and/or Ultralights are basically hang-gliders propelled by engines (sometimes derisively referred to as lawnmower engines though I doubt whether that does it justice). Even though we didn't do the microlights, I'm sure the latter option is more thrilling and liberating. I've heard that sometimes the pilot can even take photos for you as a camera is fixed to the craft.