Cruise along the Victoria Falls aboard the " African Queen".  Other boats sailing in the Zambezi River. There are many ways and means of experiencing the beauty of the Zambezi River, but undoubtedly one of the best is a cruise on the water. Cruises vary from a pontoon, to the most luxurious private boats with all facilities on deck. Preference is up to the individual, but no trip will be complete without a river cruise. Enjoy morning or late afternoon / sunset cruises. The mighty Zambezi River is a hive of activity. View the majestic Victoria Falls, fondly referred to as “Mosiatunya” – the smoke that thunders, against a backdrop of tropical vegetation. Pause long enough to marvel at the rain lilies amongst the greenery. Watch the movements of the baboons, hornbills cleaning their wings, or the sun catching the leaf-clinging drops of water creating millions of tiny rainbows, perfect miniatures of the sweeping rainbows across the Falls. About 40km further up this great waterway lies Chobe National Park and is a wildlife paradise. Huge elephant herds make their way from the drier interior to enjoy the permanent water. A slow, unhurried trip makes gameviewing an unexpected pleasure for, at some point, all the creatures of the bush must come to drink. Elephant vie with hippo for a place to swim. Crocodiles lay at the banks of the river pretending to be logs. These waterways host an incredible number of bird life. View them building their nests amongst the reeds and listen to the plaintive cries of fish eagles skimming the water. The Zambezi River is the perfect platform for viewing wild and birdlife at a leisurely pace and has a calming effect on all whom will open themselves up and be swept away. Sunset is the most magical time in Africa, the heat and harshness forgotten, it provides the picture of tranquility that lingers long after the journey has ended.