Jewish Museum in Prague. Spanish Synagogue . The most spectacular synagogue Undoubtedly , the most spectacular synagogue in the Jewish quarter of Prague . Built in 1868 on the site of the oldest synagogue in Prague ( Old School ) , has been named " The Spanish " because of its Moorish décor , high similarity to the Alhambra in Granada . It can be visited every day except Saturdays, from 9:00 pm. Until 18:00 pm, in summer and 16:30 in winter ( not sold individually input to this synagogue , joint ticket must be purchased for all synagogues , about 20 euros ) . Other synagogues to visit in Prague are klausen and Pinkas . Spanish Synagogue Prague While the exterior is not too attractive, although shocking for its Moorish air , inside discover a gem in the middle of the great buildings that surround it. Besides the beautifully decorated ceilings and walls , the temple shows books, records and photographs of the Jewish community in Prague and during the Holocaust . Another room displays a collection of sacred instruments as Torah crowns or pointers , all in silver. Outside awaits a sculpture in homage to Franz Kafka. A visit not to be missed One visit you can not miss the day you roam Prague 's Jewish Quarter is the Spanish Synagogue . Its name comes from the Jews who took refuge here after being expelled from Spain by the Catholic Monarchs . It has a collection of sacred textiles from all over Europe really important. Really its charm lies in the interior, with ornate decoration . The building is also very nice but rather more austere and Moorish style . It is located in the place where the first synagogue was located in Prague. Also in this synagogue are concerts of classical music in a privileged environment. The most beautiful synagogues in the Jewish quarter we visit several synagogues , but certainly the one I liked was the Spanish Synagogue , and not because the earth pull , but because the interior was the most surprised me with a Moorish style reminiscent of the Alhambra in Granada . Right next to the synagogue is the statue of Franz Kafka , the most famous person in this neighborhood. Inside is forbidden to take pictures .