Jewish Museum in Prague. Spanish Synagogue. Undoubtedly, one of the great attractions that you find on the tour of the Jewish Quarter of Prague, called Josefov, is the Spanish Synagogue, next to which is the sculpture Memorial to Franz Kafka. This is called a large building, which after its last restoration dates from 1868, which shows a spectacular Moorish decoration. The architectural beauty of this historic Jewish synagogue is not on the outside, which is rather austere. It is among them that we will be surprised by its its top decor and style of the same, with an unmistakable style that reminds us of many medieval buildings of Spain. The Spanish Synagogue you can see in the neighborhood where you can also visit the old Jewish Cemetery, occupies the place of establishment of the first synagogue in the city, in the twelfth century, and became known as Old School. The Spanish Synagogue designation comes from the sixteenth century, when Prague became a community of Sephardic Jews fleeing the Inquisition of Spain. After several fires, as I said, the last reconstruction of the Spanish Synagogue in Prague was made in 1868, while its interior decoration was not completed until 1893. Curiously, Frantisek Skroup, author of the current national anthem of the Czech Republic, was the mid-nineteenth century organist and choral director of the Spanish Synagogue, in particular, in the previous building that we currently see. We also need to know that, in the tradition that is in the city of Prague in the Spanish Synagogue also regularly held concerts of classical music, with a frame actually recommended to enjoy one of these concerts.