Immerse yourself in a true spa naked beer . Bernard Beer Spa . Prague. One of the most representative aspects of the Czech Republic is the beer - something that has a high regard for its inhabitants. The Czechs not only drink their beer, but have also started using beer baths , ie means that beercan be enjoyed on the palate and revitalize the entire body at the same time! The cultivation of hops was made in the Czech Republic for many centuries and the Czechs firmly believe their beer is without doubt the best in the world - what could be a reason why they have the highest beer consumption in the world . Of course, this statistic tourists contribute greatly. Now tourists and Czechs alike enjoy the beer used in the spa, and thanks to the wonders of modern science determines what beer can increase endurance, help the vascular system , relax muscles and help every part of body work in harmony with all others. And aside will see if it works The Beer Spa Experience . The beer spa operates through three major components : the own beer , hot mineral ingredients brewing . The special massage can also improve the experience , and these are offered in Chodová Planá Beer Spa and Novosad in Harrachov Beer Spa in the Giant Mountains . The latter also has a double bath , so that you and your partner can enjoy the experience at the same time .. If you are in the Beskids mountains , you will find a spa accreditation Bahenec beer called Beer Spa , while in ? Erná Sladovna time you visit the Beer Spa. If you only plan to visit Prague , you must visit the BBBeer Spa Prague ( the website is only in Czech ) , located in the Old Town, Masna 5 and is considered the best in the city . Another option that is worth Bernad Beer Spa. Javier Castro and Nerea Ruano .