Cafeteria next to the bridge of lovers. The bridge of love (the old mill bridge Grand Prior) is the oldest canal crossing the Devil in Prague. Not very big, has only 20.5 m long and 4.3 m wide. Through its rejita you can still see the old mill wheel and a statue of "vodník". Vodník or water man is typical tale character or Czech? Representing you in like evil witches. But the view of the wheel and vodník it is increasingly difficult for the QTY of locks that people are putting in the fence. To what should this action? This tradition originated in China where next to the Great Wall of China was put strings in which the newlyweds used to put padlocks whose keys after pulling Through the wall to ensure eternal love and happiness. In Europe, this tradition is celebrated by the book "I love you" by Federico Moccii. The book is about a couple who confirms his love putting a small padlock or ancient Milvian Bridge in Rome, and throwing the keys into the river Tibera. The bridge was chosen on purpose because it died a martyr and patron of all lovers Valentine. The book has become a hit, people started putting locks on many bridges in Europe. In Prague this practice is relatively new. Recently started in the year or 2008. But if you have not been, do not fear, your lock still fits. Markéta Lehecková.