Two musicians churchmen and toned dresses with long trumpets melodies promote an organ concert in the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. Also known as Church of St. Francis of the Crusaders of the Red Star, the baroque church, dedicated to the first Catholic martyr incorporated into the liturgy of Bohemia, was built in the middle of the XVII century by the French painter and architect JB Mathey. Located in the Plaza of the Crusaders (Krizovnicke namesti), was part of the monastery of the Order of the Knights Cross of the Red Star, who were responsible for overseeing the former Judith Bridge (on the current site of the Charles Bridge). Inside this church stands, as well as its leadership in the cool of the Last Judgement, baroque organ only 1702, which is the second oldest organ Prague. Different personalities, and W. A. Mozart, A. Dvo? Ák and J.F.N. Seger among others, played the organ, now restored.