Žofín Palace, beauty for the eyes and the soul. In this palace are made different samples of music, dance and drama involving orchestras and companies in the world. An ancient palace divided into different rooms, the Great Hall, Hall, the Lord Mayor Hall, Small Hall and the King's Hall. Intended for different types of events, as this former palace can be rented for private events. The rooms have an exquisite and of high artistic value as the ceiling of the Great Hall, which is great because it really holds up to 800 guests and more than 1000 for a buffet. In the lobby, the rose windows and archways and windows make the most beautiful place for a short reception. The Lord Mayor Hall is a charming living room with golden tones and connects to the Great Hall. On the other hand the Small Hall is a sober lounge for a social occasion, your floors and walls recall the halls of fairy tales. The King's Hall is a modern and warm, ideal for small receptions of young people or companies that have greater taste for the modern. Further facilities of this beautiful Žofín Palace, the beautiful gardens, the spectacular main staircase and cafeteria. The palace is located on the street Slovanský 226, Prague 1 district, so if you like music and classical theater please turn around and see the billboard.