Kafka Café in downtown Prague. The Golden Lane is a short street, narrow and beautiful located within the Prague Castle. It was named after the goldsmiths who lived there in the seventeenth century. Golden Lane The left side is occupied by colorful houses that were built into the walls of the castle. These houses were built in the late sixteenth century with the initial purpose of harboring the 24 guardians of the castle. A century after being built, the guild of goldsmiths occupied houses and changed. Dwelt in them several centuries. By the nineteenth century were inhabited by beggars and criminals of Prague. In the twentieth century were evicted and houses have become puppets delis, glass and other typical products. The house of Franz Kafka The Golden Lane is especially known for in house number 22 lived Franz Kafka, one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, between 1916 and 1917. Do not miss The Golden Lane will surprise you, do not miss it and take the opportunity to get as many houses as possible. To us especially liked the puppet shops and medieval armor and weapons. In the weapon shop you can shoot a crossbow (and bring you the target of recall). Markéta Lehecková.