Kafky Franze Street. (Fran Kafka). The historic center of Prague is divided into five boroughs (old, new, Jewish, small and Castle). Maybe we could start the tour at (1) Kafka Museum (Cihelná 2b) in the Mala Strana (Little Quarter), another option is to start in the (2) Charles Bridge, from where there is the Castle. Walk to the Staré M? Sto (old quarter) on this bridge built with sandstone from Bohemia in the fourteenth century under the reign of Charles IV. Throughout you can see 30 statues that were placed in the sixteenth century and that tell part of the story of the kingdom of Bohemia. Make a stop in front of the (3) statue of St. John Nepomuk, patron of Prague, who would have to ask back (and say it works). From here you can also see the (4) Národní Divadlo, the National Theatre, Neo-Renaissance and rebuilt after a fire in the late seventeenth century, Kafka frequented. Then take Karlova street, stop at number 4, where you will see a (5) plaque explains that Kepler lived there in 1600. Síguete this street, one of the busiest in the old neighborhood full of boutiques and souvenir shops, street doubles Semi Na? Ská left and walk up Linhartská, that leads you to the famous (6) Astronomical Clock Tower . Sit in one of the coffee shops and wait for the hour given to contemplate the spectacle of the clock, the mechanism works from 1338, which shows the 12 apostles, the end will hear the crowing of a rooster. If you have time advantage and climbs to the top of the tower from which you will understand why it is also named "City of a hundred spiers" (Jitka, my Czech friend, says 498 have been counted). Markéta Lehecková.