Trams in Prague. The Prague tram network is 135 kilometers and has 25 daytime lines and 9 at night. In combination with the meter allows to reach any point of interest in the city. Historically, streetcars began operating in Prague on September 23, 1875. In the beginning the trams were pulled by horses. Due to the advent of electric tram derailments and constant suffering animal-drawn trams in 1891 opened the first power line. In 1896 more than one million passengers used this means of transport. Daytime Schedule lines operate from 4:30 to 24:00. The night, with numbers from 51 to 59, operating between 24:00 and 4:30 hours with a frequency of 30 minutes. Tram 22. The number 22 tram line rises Hrad? Any facilitating access to the Prague Castle, the Strahov Monastery Loreto and. The tram is used by tourists as it reaches places not served by the subway. As most tourist line is where pickpockets try to "make a killing". It's not as blatant as in other cities and simply not to be too confident.