Reflections in the streets of Prague in a branded red announcement . If in the past have had the opportunity to visit Prague will agree on the fact that here you will find many beautiful women . All elegant and always immaculate with perfect dresses . Many top models come to the Czech Republic , just think of Eva Herzigova , Hana Soukupova , Karolina Kurkova , Daniela Pestova and more. Considered the beauty of women and the grandeur of the city, it is not surprising that many advertising spot was filmed in Prague . If you like fashion along Prague find interesting boutiques. The city also boasts of having many famous stylists such as: Klara Nademlynska , Helena Fejková , Ivana Stocklassa Follova and Hana . Belda Jewellery Design Stores - A showroom of a family business that makes modern pieces following their own designs in collaboration with other contemporary designers , as well as high quality reproductions of new jewelry designs inspired by nineteenth century artist Alfons Mucha. Klara Boutique website Nademlynska - Presents the works of one of the Czech fashion designers most famous and successful : Olgoj Chorchoj . Sejto website - hand made ??fabrics , textiles and fashion accessories , all with a homemade touch . Boheme - Shop modern fashion for women. Address: Dusni 8 , Prague 1 website Tatiana - Sell tasteful clothing for women. Address: Dusni 1 , Prague 1 website Timoure et Group - tailored coats , suits, trousers , jackets and sweaters. Address: V Kolkovne 6, Prague 1 website Kubista and Modernist These stores are not the only fashion boutiques in Prague all but offer the best and most original souvenir of the entire city . Both were reaffirmed during the extraordinary diffusion of modern design from the first half of the twentieth century . The first , Kubista , focuses on the breeding of Czech Cubist artworks , including ceramics and furniture but also offers some original pieces for a good price . Not by chance is located within the Cubist House of the Black Lady . On the contrary, focuses on Modernist art styles latest reproductions of the works of Adolf Loos and other Functionalists artists .