Petrin Tower. With its 60 meters high and a structure similar to the Eiffel Tower, the Tower of Pet? Ín is the highest viewpoint of Prague. From the terrace above you will be 51 meters high 200 meters above the river Vltava. The resemblance of the Tower of Pet? Ín the most important Parisian landmark is no accident. Pet Tower? Ín was built two years after the Eiffel Tower, in 1891, to the National Exhibition in Prague. The Monte Pet? Ín is one of the most beloved recreation Prague, gardens, an old vineyard, are preferred by people from Prague to walk and even sunbathing. To achieve the 138 meters between the top of the town, you can stroll through the gardens up or take the cable car from the street Újezd??. Mirror Maze Located a few meters from the tower above is another crack in the Prague Exhibition of 1891, the Labyrinth of Mirrors. Inside is a small room maze and convex mirrors. If you travel with children and they can look forward to enter, but the price does not compensate for experience.