Prague Castle. Equestrian statue of St. George slaying the dragon. . Legend-possibly originated in the fourth century, tells the story of George, a Roman who killed his father after Gerontius, Roman army officer moved with his mother to the hometown Polychrome thereof: Current Lydda-Lod (Israel ) -. There, Polychrome could educate your child in the Christian faith and shortly after reaching the age of majority is headed in the army. Because of his charisma, Jorge soon ascend and, before the age of 30 he was tribune and eat, being destined to Nicomedia as a personal guard of the emperor Diocletian (284-305). In 303, the emperor issued an edict authorizing the persecution of Christians throughout the empire, which continued with Galerius (305-311). George, who was ordered to participate, confessed that he too was a Christian and Diocletian ordered him tortured without success. Therefore, it was ordered to be executed. After being beheaded outside the walls of Nicomedia on 23 April 303, witnesses convinced Empress Alexandra and an anonymous pagan priestess to convert to Christianity and join George in martyrdom. Once dead, the body of George was sent to Lydda to be buried.