Street Sweets. (Position variable). This mobile van called Sweer Truck can taste the best cakes, donuts and cookies from the city accompanied by coffee or tea. The ingredients are all organic. The only problem is that the van has no fixed address, is sometimes in the 53rd Street between 5th and 6th, at other times on 50th Street between 6th and 7th Ave The current location is displayed on the website and Twitter and facebook. Cake and coffee 4US $. Lizarran opened its first restaurant in New York of the 20 open in this city over the next 10 years. Lizarran kebabs, tapas and more absolute leader in the field of tapas and the rich cuisine of the north, has opened its second restaurant in New York, specifically at 45 Mercer Street, right in Soho New York. "With this new restaurant we try to approach the citizens of New York at Tapeo environment and the variety and richness of Spanish culinary culture, as a healthy alternative and light based on the Mediterranean diet," says Miguel Jimenez, Spanish businessman living in States USA. The agreement has been reached with the Masterfranquiciado has a development of 20 stores over the next 10 years. Miguel Jimenez, wants to start their own local place in Manhattan this year, already has one in the Big Apple for a second phase and begin to grant franchises. The new store has 180 square meters and a capacity for 80 people and has involved an investment of 500,000 dollars (364,559 euros). "The enormous acceptance of the American public, more than 20 million sold pintxos in 2009, has allowed us to combine our flagship product which is the tapa in traditional Spanish food," says the entrepreneur who introduced the potato tortilla, peppers stuffed with cod brandade croquettes usual menu of Americans.