Empire State Building seen from Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. 350 Fifth Ave corner of 34th St. The Empire State Building is the most famous and beloved New York. It was inaugurated on May 1, 1931 by President Hoover, who activated the lights of the building from Washington. For 40 years held the title of tallest building in the world, but lost after the construction of the twin towers of World Trade Center. The Empire State occupies the same land on which was located on the first Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, which was sold in 1928 by its owner, John Jacob, Jr, John Jakob Raskob, founder of General Motors. Work on the building began in March 1930 and was directed by Shreve, Lamb & Harmon Associates. It was built at breakneck speed, with an average of 4.5 stories a week and completed in one year and 45 days. It measures 443.2 meters, including the antenna of 62 meters and has 102 floors. The base of the antenna is designed as a mooring for dirigibles, but the idea had to be abandoned after two failed attempts to tie that came close to causing an accident. The building was built during the economic crisis, which seriously affected her office leasing, occupying just 25 percent of them in his opening and earning the nickname "Empty State Building." The economic recovery did not occur until the 40s, at which time the offices of the Empire State began to fill. In the '50s, was sold three times sign leases long term, thus ensuring the occupation of edificio.2620: Chelsea and Garment District. Worth Monument. 5th Avenue and Broadway St. The statue in the form of an obelisk was built in 1857 to show the exact location where he is buried General William Worth, who fought in the war against Mexico in the mid-nineteenth century. Related films: You and I Annie Hall Any Wednesday April Fools All women want to marry Auntie Mame Bacheler partment Fireball I fell in love with a witch Women face of love Big City Big City Blues Blackboard Jungle conflicts Broadway Melodies A Dad Butcher's Wife The clay idol Charlie Chan on Broadway bells speak Coogan's Bluff Daddy Long Legs 21 Easter Parade Brigade Where the city ends The FBI crime a crazy wonderful Rainbow Valley Watch Footlight Serenade Butler Against the drug empire What the hell is going on here? French Funny Face Beast City Line Guys and Dolls A Hatful of Rain How to succeed without giving blow This woman is my Independence Day Always Fair Weather Kindred Ivory Ape King Kong Klute indomitable Kramer vs. Kramer The Last Action Hero Law & Disorder Love with a stranger Lullaby of Broadway Brigade murderous man in the gray suit Manhattan Manhattan's public enemy number 1 The moon is blue A butler aristocrat (Remake) My Sister Eileen New York Confidential New York, New York New York Town New York Stories North by Northwest the Queen of New York one day in New York On the Waterfront The lender Too many secrets for one man Prisoner of Second Avenue Rock Around the Clock Saboteur Saint Safety First in New York Serpico special patrol Relentless 7 Shaft The sky is the limit Slaughter on Tenth Avenue Something to remember So This Is New York Let's be optimistic street Sunday in Superman II New York City Nights Taxi Driver When Harry Met Sally Who Done It World of Henry Orient World Flesh Devil & Viva la vida!