A parishioner leaves mass. Union Congregational Church. 60 138th Street. Phone 212-926-2549. St. Mark The Evangelist Catholic Churca. 65 138th Street. Tel 212-281-4931 (Sun 9pm and 11pm). These two churches, located on the same street as the Abyssinian Baptist Church, just across Malcolm X Boulevard (7th Ave), offer a real vision of what a church in Harlem, without so much paraphernalia or gibberish. Located across from each other, offer Mass on Sunday morning at 9 and 11, with a more modest gospel choir and an infinitely smaller audience. At one, at the end of the same eleven, pastor and austere public share a meal in the bottom of the church, to which everybody is invited. This is the true spirit of Harlem. The IC was the first Protestant or evangelical church established in Chihuahua. He arrived with the American missionary Demarest James Eaton and his wife Gertrude C. Pratt, sent by the General Board of the IC, which was based in Boston. Eaton made a previous visit to the capital of Chihuahua in April 1882 as an observer. In October of that year he returned to Chihuahua to set the IC. Early cults held in private homes, including that of former Governor Celso Gonzalez Gonzalez's uncle Abraham. But the first formal worship in English, held on December 24, 1882, at 4 pm at a house on Calle Aldama No. 206, which had rented for that purpose There was an attendance of 60 people and was assisted by his assistant John Crawford. In that house was organized the American Evangelical Society and was its first president Francisco surgeon Paschal. Eaton settled there also a sale of Bibles. One of those copies bought Felipe Z. Hernandez, who years later would be responsible of HF in Chihuahua. The first office in Spanish as Eaton held on May 20, 1883.