Chinatown: Like other neighborhoods called Chinatown in the United States, the Chinatown neighborhood of Manhattan is an ethnic enclave with a large population of Chinese immigrants. family, political alliances (Kuomintang vs. Communist Party of China) and even more secretly, crime syndicates. These partnerships were initiated to protect themselves from racism. Each was tied with a gang. Similarly, each association was a source of assistance to new immigrants by providing them loans and helping them start businesses. Associations (colloquially called Tongs) formed a government body called Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association. Thanks to him, the relations between the Tongs became more fluid, can overcome great rivalry that existed between some of them, especially between On Leong and Hip Sing. Many of the episodes of fighting between Chinese gangs were carried out on the street Doyer. Gangs like the Ghost Shadows and Flying Dragons prevailed even to the 1980s. The only park in Chinatown's Columbus Park, which was built in what was the center of the famous Five Points neighborhood. During the nineteenth century this area was the most dangerous in New York. Most of the work of Chinatown are themselves lower class, salaries are below the legal minimum and transactions are made in cash to avoid paying taxes. This type of economy employs many immigrants, language problems, lack access to better jobs. This system attracted the fashion industry to set up their factories in the area of Chinatown. There is also an important activity in the sector of tourism and restaurants. Surely you've had your eye on a Gucci bag or any other brand you like, well, now comes another important moment, when bargaining with the Chinese. They asked a price per bag than willing to sell it, so it is important to know that counterfeit handbags in Chinatown are selling in the range of 20-30 dollars, do not pay more for them. Each person has a different way of racing, but above all be patient, offers a lower price than you are willing to pay for your bag. For example if you want to pay 25 dollars per bag of Gucci, begins offering 15 dollars, surely the Chinese will begin to gesture, to say no, what a terrible, ... quiet, all that part of the game of haggling. To find out if the Chinese are really interested in further lower the price of the bag, it is advisable to make the threat of leaving, if the Chinese calls you and cuts the price of the bag, perfect if you do not call, you know you're in the limit, so you turn around and buy your fantastic bag imitation.