A woman walks through the streets of Soho. SoHo and Tribeca are two of the most famous New York, known because they are fashionable and because they are home to artists, actors and others who appreciate an eclectic and vibrant. SoHo refers to the area south of Houston Street and Tribeca, the Triangle Below Canal Street (Canal Street triangle under) between the Hudson River and Broadway. In recent years, the Tribeca boundaries have expanded to the north almost to Houston, so that the two areas have almost joined. A SoHo is known for being the hangout of artists in New York, and has the art galleries to prove it. There is also an important fashion shops and businesses and a wide variety of restaurants. The nightlife is the best that the city has. Tribeca is now and always has been the site of the New York publishing industry, perhaps the reason why JFK, Jr. chose to live when he was director of the magazine 'George magazine. " The streets of this neighborhood are filled triangular publishers, both large and small. Tribeca is also home to many quaint restaurants and some good night spots, but usually a bit quieter than SoHo. Most residents of this neighborhood are single professionals in comparison with artists and actors in SoHo. If you visit New York, definitely worth it to devote a day to visit these areas full of life, to ensure you discover the true essence of the artistic life of Manhattan. The Tribeca area is located on the west side of downtown Manhattan from the south of Canal Street to Park Place, and from east of the Hudson River to Broadway. In terms of neighborhoods bordering the North Soho, Battery Park City to the south and Chinatown to the east. His name is given as the triangle on Canal Street, or in English Triangle Below Canal Street.