Battery Park is a park of 10 hectares, located on the southern tip of New York City in Lower Manhattan, overlooking the harbor great for cycling. The name comes from the artillery of the Netherlands and British who settled there, in order to protect the port. At the north end of the park is Pier A, formerly a fire station. At the other extreme are the Battery Gardens restaurant, next to the Coast Guard of the United States. Along the coast, are the docks where the ferries depart bound for the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. There is also a stop on the New York Water Taxi, including the Statue of Liberty Ferry and Pier A. To the northwest is the neighborhood of Battery Park City, a planned community built between 1970 and 1980. Along with the Hudson River Park, a system of bikeways and walkways extending to the edge of the Hudson River. A bike path is being built through the park, which will connect the Hudson River and East River. York there are many more parks that we enjoy. Not so great, of course, but very cozy. All also have furniture here would not last an hour: chairs, tables and folding footrests (and without binding and without breaking and unpainted) that people can move at will: to eat, hang out, relax. Bryant Park, Washington Square Park, Madison Square Park, Battery Park (the Little Red Riding Hood in Manhattan!) City Hall Park and a very, very little disappointing that he had in front of Macy's. We would leave without seeing many, but the bug was fixed Gramercy Park. All comfortable, very, very careful and beautiful places to sit a while, rest your feet, to see that most people are shoved them, getting up again to look for something good to eat and sit well prepared to see people pass by.