The Battery Park is a great place to walk, but in addition also has some fancy restaurants like Gigino at Wagner Park, where you can even marry. In this restaurant, from the hand of Luigi Celentano, an authentic prestigious Italian chef, this restaurant offers Italian dishes prepared with Petto d'Oca or Biscale Lampuca prices hovering around 25 U.S. $. In this video I show how we get rid of the horrific Spanish bureaucracy in the procedures required to marry than to describe in this article and plan our wedding in New York. Married in New York as I explain in this video is incredibly simple and the state of New York does not care whether you live or not live in New York as they will marry. I married at the registry office, at home or anywhere there are thousands of people who have done the workshop and are permitted to marry people. It's like the theme of notaries. In the United States become a notary is a matter of months rather than years. In Spain the system to limit the number of notaries public life makes it difficult for the average citizen. The same goes for all sorts of other things like the number of pharmacies open left or the inability to buy medicines over the counter in supermarkets. Or how incredibly difficult it is in Spain removed the driver's license, or title to browse, or pilot's license (which I did giving 11 subjects and having to repeat 3 times right to air that never helped me at all when fly). The drive is incredible. In the USA is much but much easier to have a driving license in Europe but the traffic fatalities are higher in Europe than in USA. See the statistics here. In short, these are all unnecessary difficulties for the Spanish media that the government creates and holds people for not knowing better systems. Also behind each of this rule is a government employee who may be out of work if the system takes the side of the citizen.