A Japanese strolling through the chic shops of Tribeca. Here live many artists, and celebrities (eg Leonardo Di Caprio, the late John Kennedy Jr ...), but maybe if I had to name an ambassador for this area, certainly that would be Robert de Niro. Robert de Niro, apart from living in Tribeca, also has numerous businesses, including the Tribeca Grill restaurant which is in the 375 greenwich st. It also has many buildings in this district and has his Tribeca Productions film company that I believe in 1988., And has created the Tribeca Film Festival Manhattan, each passing year is becoming one of the most important film festivals in the world. Both films are planned as short films, documentaries ... Apart from the Tribeca Grill, another famous restaurant is frequented regularly by famous people and money is the restaurant Nobu. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Tribeca suffered an economic crisis, like almost all of New York, as people leave to visit the city. But Tribeca was one of the sites was affected more because it was very near the World Trade Center., And apart from ceasing to be visited this place, the people themselves and Tribeca residents left the neighborhood much like the city. But fortunately the fear happened, and today is already fully recovered. Just a person who has contributed most to get back to normality is Robert De Niro. To get an idea of how Tribeca has grown, to say that in the 60 or so had some 250,000 inhabitants and in ten years became more than 5,000,000 inhabitants almost nothing. Japanese restaurant in Manhattan Villa Rokocho. The menu is extensive but I think that there was no raw fish dishes that are usually more popular in the Spanish Japanese. Our friend ordered many dishes shared between the group and we could try more variety, the truth is that everything was delicious! They brought us to start, a bowl of beans "Edamame" that are peeled to eat inside, we tried grilled fish, rice balls, a Japanese specialty like a large cake called "Okonomiyaki" which leads, in addition to a pasta crepe type , col billet, pig meat and mayonnaise sauce wing like dried seaweed on top.