New York Stock Exchange. 11 Wall St. (closed to the public for security reasons). The building of the bag, or simply also called Wall Street, has become the global symbol of capitalism. A large flag flies over the main building overlooking St Broad Street, under which brokers parade dressed from side to side of the street. After the crisis of 2008, certain shares of the leading companies in the world came to losing half of your quote in a few months. Brokers in New York and sale of flats. But we enter the field. The first thing you must know is the difference between condo (condominium) and co-op (cooperative). The first resembles a typical flat or apartment in Madrid. You are the owner of your apartment and that was it. In the case of co-op, the building divided into shares, or shares. You are owner of a number of shares and will therefore corresponds to a particular apartment. This definition is very fast, but enough for now. What differentiates mainly between two types of housing is the famous "Board" and more in terms of "Board Approval." The "board" is a group of people representing the normally cooperative and are in turn shareholders of the building. This board has a responsibility to care for the sake of building, managing it properly, causing it to follow the rules, regulations and others. Because cooperatives have had some as "family", this board is usually a little "strict" thus trying to keep the building and its people in harmony. They are therefore usually a set of rules that affect us particularly. The first one deals with the buy / sell the apartment. Once you've decided to buy a co-op, you review it thoroughly. They want to know everything about you, from your financial solvency, even your lifestyle. Moreover, you must pass a personal interview with them. If you like, you can buy, if not reject you. A little hard truth? Like everything in life, there are boards harder and more flexible. But to give you an idea, is not the first time that deny the purchase of an apartment to a rock star that its presence can cause quite a stir in the building and surrounding area. This did little money.