Huge skyscrapers waterfront from Battery Park and Pier A. Pier A in Battery Park is a building built in 1886 by the Department of Docks and Ferries, partially refurbished yet presents a sorry state, it seems that there is a dispute between the authorities and the company behind his rehabilitation. This past spring welcomed Amelia Earhart, the Queen and various heads of state. The County of New York and the Manhattan district have the same limits (are coextensive). As part of the city of New York, the county has no other political subdivisions. It occupies the entire island of Manhattan, surrounded by the East River, Harlem River and the Hudson River. It also includes some smaller islands, Roosevelt Island (formerly called Welfare Island, and even earlier Blackwell's Island "), U Thant Island (officially known as Belmont Island), and a small portion of the North American mainland (Marble Hill ) adjacent to the Bronx. Marble Hill was originally part of the island of Manhattan, but the Harlem River canal, excavated in the nineteenth century to improve navigation on the Harlem River, separated it from Manhattan.