Seaport Pier 16 and 17. Water-taxi stop at Pier 17. Also located here is also a three-storey shopping mall which includes many shops and restaurants. Just ahead, at Pier 16, we docked the schooner Pioneer. Tel 212-748-8786 Built in 1885, and in which we can take a stroll along the Hudson. (Tue-Fri 3pm-5pm $ 25US - $ 35US 7pm-9pm - Sat-Sun 1pm-3pm and 4pm to 6pm $ 25US - $ 35US 7pm-9pm). This pier is also the Ambrose steamer built in 1908. In front of the Pioneer is also information office located in a cockpit of a tug of 1923. This exciting new taxi service provides an environmentally friendly way to see the city, stopping at various ports, then instead of calling a taxi on the street, head towards the docks and riding in the New York Water Taxi. You can see something of the splendor of New York while riding comfortably, or you can download and explore before taking the next taxi. The real fun in New York's waterfront with the New York Water Taxi.