Nearly a hundred squatters'''' protesting the demolition of'' The Palomar'' in Barcelona. (EFE). - Almost a hundred young people have focused this morning in front of the former home of "El Palomar" in the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona, to protest the police eviction and subsequent demolition of property by order of Hall. The concentrates were collected debris from the demolition of the building and have moved in shopping carts until the district headquarters of the district, where they have been left in the center of the square in front of a group of members of the local police. A member of the assembly of "squatters", Albert Martinez, explained that this act of protest intended to "symbolize our protest against the demolition" because "the interest of the municipality came from the builder speculative project." For the "squatters", economic interests have prevailed over corporate interests, since, according to the same spokesperson, "the council has said this is a performance to benefit a public good, expanding the road, and just look at the poster promoting floors are put on the same site. "Martinez has warned that "alternative spaces as El Palomar, organized activities have no place in the institutional spaces will continue to exist despite the intention of the administration to throw us of those who are dealing with". "The answers to new occupations and evictions are for both is a fish that eats the tail", he added. This old factory now owned by the city council had been "squatted" and exactly five years ago this weekend the young "squatters" were planning to celebrate the fifth anniversary of his arrival at the building.
The chains shattered by a blue balloon fantasy painting facade of building squatted La Carboneria in Esquerra Eixample of Barcelona, ??reassembled imperative court yesterday . The Mossos evacuated at noon on landmark building since 2008 housed a self-managed social center for the squatters themselves. "As people become unemployed and homeless, you dedicate yourselves to vacate a house that does good things for others ," reproached them a woman, in tears , to mossos deployed to La Carboneria . In a vast police operation in which tens of riot , fire , and even a police helicopter , officers executed in just over three hours to vacate the court order that had asked the building owner , Barcklays Bank.
The Catalan capital is one of the European cities with more presence of this movement , along with Amsterdam or Milan squatter movement in Barcelona and its metropolitan area is in a great form . Neither the police pressure , reflected in an increase in the number of evictions -150 so far this year - and the hardening of political discourse have reversed the momentum of the group, well established in the Catalan capital since the early eighties. So much so that , next to Amsterdam or Milan , Barcelona is considered one of the European capitals for young squatters . Today marks one week of the occupation of the former industrial site of Can Ricart , in the neighborhood of Poblenou . This new exhibit collective strength squat on an emblematic of the city has brought to the fore two issues : the ability of the authorities to curb the phenomenon , and the responses of youth to the lack of affordable housing . In Barcelona there are 300 homes occupied , and for every other occupation eviction occurs that handle data Mossos d' Esquadra and city police agree: Barcelona are about 200 buildings occupied . The figure rises to 300 if you include the metropolitan area , especially the populous municipalities of the Baix Llobregat.