Prague Tours vintage car. A couple of agencies ofecen a tour around the city aboard vintage Czech cars that date back to the late 1920s and early '30s. There are different points throughout the city where you can access these cars, the tour depart depending on availability or if you request it, provided they are a sufficient number of people. The tour lasts approximately 40 minutes. The 3 Veterans have a fleet of Small Prague and the first Škoda, all date back to the early years of the 30s of the last century. The parts of the city in which you can start the tour are: Staré M? Sto in Ryti? Ská in Malé nám? Stí and the point of contact between the Pa? ͞ská and Starom? Stské nám? Stí, and in Malostranské nám? stí in Malá Strana. Website:, Price: 1200 CZK per car (€ 49.5). With the "Old Timer History Trip" (tour of the ancient period) can explore the cobbled streets of the city in a Small Prague Prague 1928 or a 1929 Alfa. Access points for these cars are in Staré M? Sto in Malé nám? Stí, in Karlova and Malostranská nám? Stí in Malastrana. You can also do a night tour with the duration of two hours (from 1890 CZK -78 EUR). Website:; Price: 1-2 people 950 CZK (39 EUR), 3-6 persons 1300 CZK (€ 53.5).