Museum Kampa . One of the most picturesque buildings on Kampa island , the water mill Sova , rebuilt several times since its first construction in the Middle Ages , is home to the foundation of modern and contemporary art 's most dynamic city. You will find many works by František Kupka and Otto Gutfreund other contemporary Czech artists . Renovated with elegance and sobriety definitely a contemporary style , the building , far from being isolated , is open to the neighborhood and the river through large windows and terraces r adorned with contemporary sculptures and a glass tower . This cozy place is an invitation to discover the art of our time. Like many other foundations , the Kampa Museum is the result of a beautiful story Mque mixture commitments and passion for art . This story is about Meda Mládek , art historian , patron of Czech artists during the Communist period , amateur and contemporary art from the United States where he lived, brought together with the help of her late husband a splendid collection. This can be admired in Prague . The most prestigious of the collection includes works by František Kupka , Czech avant-garde painter and pioneer of abstraction , and Otto Gutfreund , one of the most influential Czech sculptors in the twentieth century with its cubist works . The works of both artists are presented in a single exposure , allowing calibrate the contrast and size of the works of these two great artists . The permanent exhibition also allows you to discover the art of Central Europe , especially the period between 60 and 70 , as well as the works of people like René Roubi ? Ek , Václav Cígler , Aleš Vesely and Eva Kmentová . Will result in the same enthusiastic militant directed toward a better understanding of contemporary artistic creation , the Kampa Museum organizes numerous exhibitions in close collaboration with artists of the contemporary art scene in Central Europe. Address: U Sovových Mlýn? 118 00 Prague 1 - Malá Strana . Open daily from 10h00 to 18h00 . Rates : Input: 150 k ? / 4 EUR Price families : 180 K ? / 6.5 euros Reduced rate : 75 k ? / 3 EUR ( students, children between 6 and 15 years old , adults over 60, free for children under 6 years).