Views of the Church of St. Nicholas from the Charles Bridge. The Tower of the Church of St. Nicholas is one of our favorites of Prague, the climb is exciting and has several rooms halfway that can be visited. In these rooms you will learn much about the history of the Bell and its various functions. Like the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge towers and the Old Town Hall, the Church of St. Nicholas is also an indispensable part of the panorama of Prague. One of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Europe Mala Strana district crown for more than three centuries, being the place admiring crowd of people daily around the world.Surrender you too at its beauty and grandeur Baroque! The construction of one of the symbols of Prague is due to the Order of the Jesuits, who longed for his most splendid building in Bohemia. This called for help to the great Baroque master Dietzenhofer Krystof. After his death, his son continued his work, who designed both the unique arrangement of the vault as the most beautiful of the whole church: the majestic dome. He was later built one of the tallest towers Mala Strana neighborhood, thus resulting in a work unparalleled north of the Alps at that time. From 65 meters high which is the tower you can see the entire Malá Strana. During the communist era was used by the secret forces to guard foreign embassies.