Views of the Church of St. Nicholas from the Charles Bridge. The Church of St. Nicholas in Malá Strana (not to be confused with Staré M? Sto) is considered the most beautiful Baroque building in Prague. If St. Vitus Cathedral is the Gothic masterpiece, the Church of St. Nicholas is the Baroque. The construction of the church began in 1673 by order of the Jesuits, with the first buildings completed the parish and the school building. Although the work was completed in 1752, it began serving Mass in 1711. At the entrance plaza to the church is the Plague Column with the statue of the Blessed Trinity. It was built in 1715 by Alliprandi. The interior of the Church of St. Nicholas is full of art, from the paintings on the ceilings and vaults to the sculptures that adorn the walls. The architect created the whole was K. I. Dietzenhofer, this church being his masterpiece.