Romantic Prague. A couple photo on the Charles Bridge. The Charles Bridge (Czech Karl? V most) is the oldest bridge in Prague, Vltava river and through the Old Town to the Lesser Town. It is the second oldest existing bridge in the Czech Republic. The need for a new bridge emerged after the old Judith Bridge was destroyed by a flood in 1342. This Romanesque bridge was named after the wife of King Ladislaus I. Astrologers and numerologists determined that Carlos IV should attend the settlement of the foundation stone at 5:31 AM on July 9, 1357. This moment can be stated as 135797531, and forms a palindromic sequence of ascending and descending odd digits, which is engraved on the tower of the Old City. The construction was supervised by Peter Parler, and led by a "magister pontis", Jan Ottl. The bridge was built with sandstone Bohemia. There is a legend that eggs were used to enrich the mortar used at the time of laying the blocks in order to make it harder. Although this can not be verified directly, recent analyzes have confirmed the existence of organic and inorganic ingredients in the mortero.1 The Charles Bridge construction lasted until the early fifteenth century. To financially support the work tolls charged task that initially belonged to the religious order of the Knights of the Cross with Red Star, and then the Old Town municipality (until 1815)