Several seagulls fly around the Charles Bridge. The Charles Bridge (Czech Karl? V most) is the oldest bridge in Prague, Vltava river and through the Old Town to the Lesser Town. It is the second oldest existing bridge in the Czech Republic. Its construction started in 1357 with the approval of King Charles IV, and finished in the early fifteenth century. Since at the time was the only way to cross the river, the Charles Bridge became the most important communication channel between Old Town, Prague Castle and adjacent areas until 1841. The bridge was also an important link for trade between Eastern and Western Europe. Originally this communication channel was called Stone Bridge (Kamenný most) or the Prague Bridge (Pražský most), but it takes its current name since 1870. The bridge has a length of 516 meters and its width is about 10 meters, while resting on 16 arches. It is protected by three bridge towers between its two heads, two in Malá Strana and the remaining at the end located in the Old City. The tower located at the head of the Old Town is considered by many as one of the most impressive constructions of Gothic architecture in the world. The bridge is decorated by 30 statues on both sides of it, most of which are in Baroque style and were built around 1700. At night the Charles Bridge is a silent witness to the medieval times. But during the day, his face changes completely and becomes a very busy place. Artists and traders try to make money at the expense of the large flow of tourists daily visit the place